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English Conversation Practice

Get some English Conversation Practice and watch the videos below. They are very enjoyable and I am sure you will learn a lot of new English words.

At the Doctor's Office - Easy English Conversation Practice

How are you feeling today?
Not very well, Doctor.
Tell me about it.
Well, I have a terrible headache.
How about your throat?
It hurts a little.
Do you have a cough?
Yes. I have a cough, too.
Do you feel weak?
Yes. I get tired very quickly.
Let me take your temperature.
Your temperature is 39.1 degrees C (Celsius). You have a fever.
It seems that you have the flu.
Oh, that's terrible.
Don't worry. Take this medicine and rest.
Ok. I understand.
Please come back next week for a check up.
I will. Thank you, Doctor.
Now it's your turn!
I will be the doctor and you will be the patient.

Part 2

The Doctor will see you now.
What is the problem?
My ankle
My ankle hurts a lot.
I will wrap it.
My knee
I scraped my knee.
It just needs to be cleaned.
My hand
I cut my hand.
You will need some stitches for that.
Will it hurt?
Maybe just a little.
My toe
I stubbed my toe.
It will be fine tomorrow.
My back
My back hurts.
It looks like you pulled a muscle.
Just rest for a few days.

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