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What is an Adjective - Define Adjective

An adjective is a describing word to qualify a noun. Adjectives are an important part of the English language because they add description and meaning to an object and help to express more about a person, an animal, a thing or a place and they color up the language.

An adjective is usually placed before a noun. Example: I have a red shirt.

Just observe the Difference

"This is a car." This sentence sounds very boring and dull.

Better say: This is an expensive, comfortable and fast car.
This sentence has three adjectives: expensive, comfortable and fast. It sounds much more interesting and describes the object (car) much better. Don't you think so?

Adjective Order

  • Determiners - articles, adverbs, and other limiters.
  • Observation (e.g., a real tiger, a perfect idiot) and subjective adjectives (example: marvellous, great, beautiful, interesting), or value (example: best, cheap, expensive, costly)
  • Size and shape - adjectives subject to objective measure (wealthy, large, round), and physical properties such as speed.
  • Age - (example: young, old, new, ancient)
  • Color - (example: red, green, black, pale).
  • Origin - source of noun (example: German, French, American)
  • Material - (example: metallic, wooden)
  • Qualifier - (example: rocking chair, hunting cabin, passenger car, book cover).
  • Example: When you say: "young little kid" then this is wrong because adjectives pertaining to SIZE precede adjectives pertaining to AGE. You should say: little young kid

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