Polish to English Translation

Looking for Polish to English Translation? I listed some books and tools for you below.

"This English-Polish Dictionary above has been prepared by a team of linguists from the largest online dictionary, ling.pl, lead by Prof. Marcin Milkowski, Ph.D. and Prof. Dariusz Jemielniak, Ph.D. and is the largest English-Polish dictionary ever published containing over 1.8 million words, and hundreds of thousands of meanings in over two hundred thousand definitions, includign abbreviations, synonyms, antonyms, et al. Its range is over 20% wider than in the case of any dictionary published before."

"It is also the first English-Polish dictionary developed in the 21st century, basing on actual English language usage and frequencies (based on corpora of American, British, and Canadian English), covering not only general vocabulary, but also terminology and idioms typical for business, finance, law, medicine, the sciences and technology, including over 150 disciplines! It is the first English-Polish dictionary including words such as QWERTY, screenager, smartphone, tablet or boccia, with their proper pronunciation."
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"For anyone speaking, reading, or studying, the Larousse Pocket Dictionary is the ideal dictionary for everyday use. With its handy, portable, paperback format, great price and clear, easy-to-use layout it's filled with up-to-date vocabulary in all subject areas."

"These reliable and user-friendly tools are great for all language needs, whether it is studying a language or traveling. They allow users to translate the foreign language quickly and accurately into English. For translations from English there are helpful sense-markers to guide the user to the most appropriate translation. Books include coverage of regional differences such as Latin American Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese."
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Polish to English Translation

Product Description
Polish English Translator has these features:
- English To Polish Translation
- Polish To English Translation
- Hear translated text in English or Polish
- Can be used as a Dictionary.
- Offline access for translated words, text and sentences.
- Social Media - Easily share with Friends and Family.
- Easy to use for translations.

Bonus Feature - Learn and Master the pronunciation as English Polish Translator has in built audio feature. Hear the translated text and conveniently communicate with your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, family members or tourists.

If you are a Traveler or Student or language enthusiast then this app is a must have for you.
For Students - you can now complete your language homework and assignments easily. For Traveler - if you are traveling from Polish speaking nation or country to English Speaking nation or country, or from English Speaking country to Polish Speaking country then this app is your best companion.

Now you can learn Polish or English language at your convenience, while driving, playing games, in class, while on travel, while commuting to work, with friends, etc. We have Polish translator for other languages too, for e.g. Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Korean, and many more..
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Polish to English Translator PRO

Product Features
Bidirectional languages translation
Fast & sharp translation, words & phrases
Audio pronunciation (Text To Speech)
Translation result history record
Can be used as reference to study various foreign languages
Share to other applications: mail, social network, etc
Support more than 80 other foreign languages

Product Description
One of the best Polish to English & English to Polish dictionary / language translator is now available to download for free!

It covers almost complete words and phrases translation with audio pronunciation by native speaker.

All translation results will be automatically saved for future reference and even you can use it as a reference to learn & study the languages. Of course it is easier to delete those translation results as well.

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