First Conditional

On this page you will learn how to make and use first conditional sentences in English.

You talk about a real possibility, a particular situation or an event that is likely to happen in the future.

If-Clause (Present simple) + Result-Clause (Future Simple)


If I don't study, I will fail the test.

If + Present Simple, will + base verb

If I go to the movies, I will (may, might, could) eat popcorn.

If the If-Clause comes first in a sentence, we put a comma after it. If it is at the end of the sentence, a comma is not needed.

Zero & first Conditionals

The First Conditional

If he's working tonight, he'll come home late.
If it is cold I will stay at home.
I will tell John if I see him.
If my sister comes to the meeting, Peter will be very happy.
If the driver comes, he'll want to drive.
If I go to Germany, I'll study German.
I will be proud if my friend wins the match.

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