English Phrases for Expressing Your Opinion

To be able to express your opinion is an important ability in English in academics and business. You learn now formal and informal phrases for talking about your opinion. I selected some videos for you below where you learn typical English Phrases for Expressing Your Opinion.

How to express your opinion in English

Typical phrases are:
I think - I believe - I feel - I suppose - I guess
In my opinion - In my view - From my viewpoint - From my point of view - From my perspective - According to me - It seems to me that

How to give your opinion

As far as I'm concerned... - In my opinion... - It seems/appears to me that... - I would argue that... - From my point of view/perspective - I am inclined to believe that...

The most common way to give your opinion is: "I think..." Don't overuse "I think..." I think this, I think that, I think this, I think that. It gets very boring.

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