Compound Adjectives

Compound Adjectives are hyphenated adjectives that contain two or more words joined by hyphens. The adjective is placed before the noun and modifies it.

Examples: 4-storey house, five-week holiday, 9-hour day, well-known writer, densely-populated area

Do not combine an adverb and an adjective as this does not create a compound adjective because no hyphen is required in this case, as the adverb modifies the adjective.

Example: terribly hot food

To join Compound Adjectives with Quotation Marks is also possible but rarely done.
Example:"go away" look,"Championship" team.

Compound Adjectives

Compound Adjectives List

4-storey 6-page 8-hour
all-too-common badly-written brand-new
brightly-lit cold-blooded densely-populated
five-week four-wheel free-range
full-length four-foot good-looking
green-eyed hand-made last-minute
left-handed long-lasting long-distance
long-haired mouth-watering multi-Word
north-west old-fashioned open-minded
part-time record-breaking second-class
second-hand short-sighted short-haired
short-sleeved smoke-free sun-dried
time-saving tongue-tied two-kilometer
two-seater two-year-old well-behaved
well-dressed well-known wind-powered

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